Learn About Palmetto Pet Insurance

Palmetto Pet Insurance is backed by the power of Hartville Pet Insurance, SafeCo Insurance (A Liberty Mutual Company), and the Insurance Shopping Experts (an independent agency in South Carolina). Our goal is to educate and provide a fast place to obtain pet insurance for residents of South Carolina.

What to know before buying pet insurance:

All pet insurance providers are different. Below are some good things to know about them before choosing one.

What do they cover?

It has become pretty standard for pet insurance providers to cover accidents, illnesses, and hereditary conditions. However, not all providers cover things like dental problems, behavioral problems, or prescription food. Make sure everything you’d want covered is covered.

What don’t they cover?

All pet insurance providers have exclusions. For instance, no pet insurance provider covers pre-existing conditions, though each may define a pre-existing condition differently. Some have waiting periods that exclude certain conditions from coverage for a period of time, and some don’t cover exam fees, which are included in most vet bills. It’s important to know all of a provider’s exclusions so there are no surprises and you get the coverage you need.

Can their coverage be customized?

Some pet insurance plans can be customized to better fit your coverage needs and budget. With a customizable plan, you get to set certain things yourself, like the deductible, annual limit, and amount you’re reimbursed.

Do they offer coverage for preventive care?

Many providers offer some type of preventive care coverage for cash back on things like flea and heartworm prevention, vaccines, and spaying/neutering. If you aren’t sure whether or not you want preventive care coverage, it’s smart to choose a provider that offers it. That way, you can get it later if you’d like.

Are they well-established?

It’s good to go with a well-established provider, because they’re more likely to be around for the life of your pet. A company’s size and level of experience usually indicate how established there are.

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